Productive is my word of the week, simply because I have been.

It’s been a productive time at work, I’d started to put in place some the things learnt on a course before Christmas and this is all starting to bear fruit. At home things are plodding along nicely, Christmas is a distant memory, the children are all back in school, the routine has kicked back in, apart from the waking up part, that’s proving a bit tricky, it’s just too easy to rollover and have a snooze, this is a work in progress I guess!

The house has had a thorough clean and I feel organised and ready to crack on with my next work project & we’re now ready to start our first redecoration job of the year….daughter’s bedroom, hopefully by this time next week it’ll all be done.

What’s been your word of the week?

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2018 Goals

This is a resolution style post, typically done on the 1st of January each year or for non-bloggers said out loud when asked if you’ve got any New Years resolutions.  The word kind of fills me with dread, like I’m pre-programmed to fail at keeping them by the last day of January.

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