Back To School Blues

I don’t want my son to return to school. I’ve enjoyed having him at home too much and selfishly, I want to keep hime here with me, so we can chat, watch films, snuggle under blankets on the sofa together.

I know that once he goes back and we are back in the routine, I’ll be fine, but I admit at the moment my heart feels achy at the though of him going back next week. The holidays always seem to fly by, especially the second week, it’ll be Monday night before I know it and then it’s back to the packed lunch & PE kit grind.

Part of feeling this way is probably because he’s my youngest and my last child to leave primary school, this time next year he’ll be a year 7 at high school and boy is that coming around fast. On the plus side, with his school going back so late (especially compared to a lot of other UK schools), it’s not long until the February half term.

Is there anyone else that feels this way after school holidays?

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