Conwy Quay

During the summer months,  the quay is usually bustling with people, children sat on the edge of the wall crabbing, dog walkers enjoying the views of the estuary.

This time of year it’s considerably quieter and a great place to stop and reflect. I often wonder about the fisherman who worked this stretch of the river, out in all weathers, then coming back home with their catch.


16 thoughts on “Conwy Quay

  1. John Adams

    Not a place I have ever visited but I can well imagine it heaving with visitors in the summer months. I always like visiting places like this out of season. Seen like this I can imaging it as a fishing port. #mysundayphoto

  2. Debbie

    Hi Ellen, places like that are always nicer in winter.I don’t envy the life of a working fisherman one bit… But I do like a nice piece of fresh fish.



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