How did that happen? One minute you were a tiny newborn being passed in to my arms after being born via c-section, the next thing we have celebrated your 18th Birthday.
I still remember the day we brought you home, I remember that it had been snowing outside; coming into the house, your Dad carrying you in the car seat, you looked so tiny, a little squidgy baby, I was so happy to meet you and bring you home. The following day you received your first at home visitors, Taidy Charles & Naini along with Aunty Dilys, the delight on their faces to meet their great-granddaughter was lovely to see.

The first few weeks were hard going, nothing prepares you for the sleepless nights, the leaky boobs etc or the overwhelming feeling of love when you look into your child’s eyes, which in a flash makes it all worth while.

And within the blink of an eye, you were a toddler and into everything. You developed into clever, serious little girl, a bossy loving big sister, a non stereotypical teenager, a sensible young girl who’d rather eat a pizza and play on her xbox than drink cider in a dog-shit covered park with their peers.

Time has flown so fast since the day you were born 18 years ago, I only wish I could slow it down so that the next 18 years don’t pass me by so fast.

Ironically you are now 18, an adult, but also the age I was when you were born.

We are so proud of the young woman you’ve become. You’re kind, clever, beautiful, considerate, a hard worker & determined to achieve your goals and it’s been a privilege to watch you grow.

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  1. Sophie

    Ahhhhh, so sweet! I have an almost 18 year old and I often wonder where did that time go?? It’s incredible isn’t it? Blink and it’s done. Good luck with your 18 year old. #brillblogposts


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