December Movies

This month was the first month I had my Cineworld Unlimited card and went to see the following 3 films at my local cinema. It would have been 4 this month but have simply run out of time, sphere’s around upon what I watched at the ‘pictures’ this month:

Justice League: As the mother of 2 boys and 1 girl who love their superhero films, this was a must see and it didn’t disappoint. I’d already seen Wonder Woman & Batman v Superman, so knew the backstory of those characters and their place in the DC universe. I thoroughly enjoyed this film & am looking forward to seeing Aqua-man when it’s released.

Daddy’s Home 2:¬†This was a last minute choice, not something I’d usually go and see, primarily because I’ve not seen Daddy’s Home. It was easy to follow, funny ( I cried with laughter) and was a great pre-christmas film. I especially loved the thermostat scene & was pleasantly surprised at how good Mel Gibson is looking ūüėČ .

Star Wars; The Last Jedi: Going to see Star Wars in December has become our new tradition. A good follow up to the Force Awakens, obviously not as good as any of the original 3 films but thoroughly enjoyable for a family of Star Wars fans. The effects were brilliant and the story was easy to follow, I have to say though that my favourite of the recent Star Wars films released has been Rogue One.

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