Honesty Diet

So here we are again.

Another year drawing to an end, heading into another year still fat. Rather than joining a slimming club, which I hate, especially the group therapy part, I made the decision to buy Lisa Riley’s new book Honesty Diet.

It arrived today from Amazon for the bargain price of £8 and after cooking tea, I sat down and had a quick read through, my first thoughts are how relatable it is, I think anyone who has struggled with their weight will understand the journey that Lisa has been on in recent years, she doesn’t sugar coat the downs that she faced on her journey and it’s also full of some tasty looking, healthy recipes too, what I enjoyed the most was the chatty style of the book.

There’s also a section that helps promote fitness, by starting off with small changes that soon become part of an everyday routine. I’ve bought my notebook and am ready to start following the 8 day detox plan. Tomorrow’s plan is to get a shopping list together for the next week and buy the ingredients I’ll be needing to try out the new recipes.

Lisa Riley’s Honesty Diet is available to buy from Amazon.

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