This is my word of the week: Limbo

My children don’t go back to school until next Tuesday, so this week has been a nice way to relax post Christmas and don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying it, however it’s a week where Christmas is well and truly over (decorations came down on the 28th), we’ve seen in the New Year, done the reflecting on the past & setting goals for 2018 thing but we’re still not back to ‘normal life’.

By ‘normal life’ I mean a routine. The late bedtimes are being knocked the head, the youngest was going to sleep at 10pm, which did have the added bonus of me sometimes sleeping in until 8am, which I consider a treat! But I’ve told him the limit is 9.30pm from last night onwards and will work on getting it back down to 8.30 by Sunday night.

The last of the Christmas food is still there by this I mean cheese. What possessed us to by so much bloody cheese I don’t know, but we are now cooking proper food for dinner too, although we have yet to do a full shop.

So this is what I mean by Limbo, it’s certainly not Christmas anymore but we’re not back in the swing of normal family life either and I keep forgetting what day it is!

What word would describe your week?

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6 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. Kim Carberry

    Ahh! We are in limbo here too. My two are back to school on Tuesday and then we will find some routine! We still have plenty of Christmas food to eat. Oops. hehehe x

  2. Angela Webster

    We still have loads of cheese in the fridge, I do the same thing every year ! I think the first few weeks of January feel like limbo too after all the chaos of Christmas. #WotW


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