I confess that I have a weakness for buying mugs, really I do, I could buy a new one each day, there’s nothing I like more than a new mug to enjoy my panad from.

This is my latest mug, a big one from New Look that has replaced my Peter Pan Cath Kidston mug from my affections, I love it’s generous size, perfect for a day like today as it’s a miserable ol’ day here in Wales this afternoon, and there’s nothing better to do than cuddle up and watch a box set with a hot drink in hand.

I even enjoyed some of Aldi’s mulled wine last night in the new mug, who said mugs were just for tea & coffee’s eh?


4 thoughts on “Mugs

  1. Debbie

    Hi Ellen, I love nice mugs too, and it does my husbands head in as my daughters the same, so we’re only allowed two mugs (one for tea and one for coffee) to call our own. Tea just doesn’t taste the same in the coffee mug and visa versa!… Not tried mulled wine in one though… That would taste good in my coffee mug I reckon!



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