The Caravan

It started a few years back, I’d shown my husband some pictures from a blog I think of a renovation of a caravan and we thought it a good idea, both as a project and for an extra bedroom.

But we didn’t have a caravan and for 5 years, the idea was forgotten, apart from those types of conversations that it’d be fun to get caravan, throw some money at it give it some tlc and off we go.

Well yesterday was the first day of the dream…we’re now the proud owners of a Coachman Mirage, she’s┬áparked up on our drive and all we need to do now is start renovating and restoring.

Spurred on by countless instagram photos & youtube videos, we’re going to document our progress, but for now here’s a photo of her current exterior:

And after a quick look inside at the interior, we were quite surprised at what how nice it was, minus a spider or two that had decided to make it their home; the bathroom obviously needs a lot to it but so far so good.

It’s a long road to go before we’ll ever be in the position of getting her out on the road but we’ll get there.

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